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QQ signup help

QQ is targeted mainly for the Chinese market and for non-Chinese speaking people like myself it can be quite difficult to start using QQ. I have created this QQ help page to guide you through registering your own QQ number, downloading the right software and to finally start chatting.

Before you can start using QQ, you need to register a free account.

Step 1 : Free QQ signup / registration 

Tencent Software Centre Tencent launched a new improved English website to register a free QQ account:

In the past it was only possible to register a QQ number, but since 2007 it is also possible to register with your existing email address. The signup procedure is very simple. I have not tried signing up with an email address before, but from what I understand you will receive a QQ number that is bound to your email address. 

You will be asked to create a password. This password is important, so don't forget it! After you filled out all the steps, you will get your own free QQ ID! With this ID, you are all set for the next step, using QQ IM!

Important tip:  after you registered your QQ account, it's a very good idea to immediately set some security questions. These security questions will help you to reset your password if you ever forgot it. You can set ID protection on this English page:


Step 2 : Download a QQ chat program

Tencent Messenger 2008 Until recently, it was always quite difficult to use QQ for foreigners. Things have changed for the better though and now even the most recent version of QQ is also available in English.

For Windows: 

  • QQ International: English, Japanese and French!

The QQ International team has been working hard on improved versions for International users. As of the 2nd of Februari 2010, beta 3 of QQ International has been released. This version is a big improvement over QQ 2009 Engish and has many special features especially for the international audience. For example there is support for English, Japanese and French, there is English news from around China, special interest groups and much more. If you are running an older version, you should definitely have a look: There is even a very useful international QQ portal now!

For Apple Mac:

  • QQ for Mac (Chinese and English)

qqmacRecently Tencent has released it's first official version for the Mac called 'QQ for Mac'. Currently it is still in preview phase and it can be downloaded from the QQ for Mac website (10.3MB). I don't have a Mac, so I never tested this version myself. Judging from the popularity of the Mac desktop and laptops, this is a welcome addition. QQ for Mac 1.0 beta 1 supports both the Intel and PowerPC platform and it supports Tiger and Leopard versions of Mac OS X. It is supposed to select the correct language based on the OS. At the moment some features are still missing, but you can already use it for basic chatting.


Third party for Apple Mac: 

  • Adium (English) 

Adium is a cross-IM chat client that runs on OS X 10.4.0 or greater. It supports not only QQ, but also Live Messenger (MSN), Aol, Yahoo and other messengers. Using a third party messenger has it's advantages (easier to talk to friends using other networks), but also disadvantages (not all features, sometimes protocol changes). I have heard good things about Adium, so you could give it a try.


For Linux:

  • QQ for Linux

qq_linuxQQ for linux has been released 31st July 2008 as a preview version. This means there are still some bugs, and work is not yet done, but at least we can now use QQ on linux and don't have to rely on 3rd party tools. QQ for Linux can be downloaded form the website. Note that the website is still in Chinese only, I don't know if there will be an English version of QQ for Linux. I have not yet had a chance to try it out myself, but I'm happy that QQ is finally available for Linux. I hope the team will be able to keep improving this new Linux version!



Difference Tencent Messenger and QQ: 

Tencent Messenger and QQ are two separate products for different people, but of course you can chat from either program with all your QQ friends. QQ just offers more functionality and integration with other (Chinese) QQ services. For English users I would recommend either TM2008 or try the new preview version of QQ2009.

update Nov. 2008 : a visitor to my website asked why he couldn't find chatrooms in TM2008 and also how to talk with other people (without adding them). It turns out that Tencent Messenger does not have chatrooms (but QQ does). Both in QQ and TM it seems you are not able to chat with people who are not in your buddy list. You first need to add a user as friend.


Or visit the new website!

In january 2009 Tencent quietly launched a new international version of website. For the first time it's totally in English and finally there is a clear portal that explains how to signup for a QQ account (besides my page of course Innocent) 

Update Februari 2010: As of early 2010, the international website has undergone a major face-lift.  It now features English news from around China, events calender, listings, videos and QQ Groups. I have watched some of the videos about the upcoming Shanghai World Expo and the quality and professionalism amazed me. There are even (free) Chinese lessons! I think this is great news for all the expats staying in China who are interested in learning more about China and staying in touch with their Chinese friends.


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sajanyohannan  - sajan   | |2009-05-06 20:21:39
cisco  - Love QQ   | |2009-08-05 08:47:10
Hi i am Spanish speaking person and I can say I use QQ linux version it is easy to use! If U can't use Linux version run linux wine or windows emulator and download windows English version of QQ. Like I said before it is easy to use and come with a lot of tools! Also QQ has done a lot for the Chinese people and they stride on make it better with no advertisements. GOOD JOB!!! QQ WE LOVE YOU!!!
tseveen   | |2011-12-02 23:19:45
I need help 'couse I can't sign up with QQ
After I made all I never receive the QQ email activation!
Please somebody can explain why and how to get out of this problem?
Have somebody that is waiting for me to chat Thank you
kong jin   | |2011-12-14 11:16:32

Hi I'm Cambodian. I don't know chinese at all. But now I can sign up an account and upload picture already. Lolz...but anybody can help me to change language into Enlish?? thanks for your reply
Ashou   | |2009-05-15 23:42:22
Its very difficult to sign up QQ.

Its a waste of time
I nearly spenh 2 hours trying to sign up !
may  - blank     | |2009-07-05 15:42:35
its not that hard to sign up for a QQ account i have alot of QQ accounts
Anonymous   | |2010-02-16 10:58:01
hey could you send me a qq account
lifulinghan  - send you QQ account   | |2011-04-28 16:23:42
i am a chinese guy.i want give you a account!my e-mail is
intonti francesco  - I Can't sign up QQ     | |2011-05-15 02:49:46
I need help 'couse I can't sign up with QQ
After I made all I never receive the QQ email activation!
Please somebody can explain why and how to get out of this problem?
Have somebody that is waiting for me to chat

Thank you
yours Francesco Intonti
dawa   | |2011-07-29 23:43:30
I need help 'couse I can't sign up with QQ
After I made all I never receive the QQ email activation!
Please somebody can explain why and how to get out of this problem?
Have somebody that is waiting for me to chat

Thank you
yours Francesco Intonti

Chinese guy  - hahaha   | |2009-07-10 15:06:21
i am a Chinese guy,QQ is really a good software and easy to use,my qq ID is 251190220,if you want,just feel free to hit me up on qq
John  - Not showing in Desktop   | |2011-11-07 16:05:05
Hai I have istalled QQ and Got id... But after in logout i cant see that qq icon anywhere on my desktop i dont know where i can log in again.. its not on the down try also.. pls help me in solving this plssssssssssss
princess  - hello   | |2012-02-20 15:01:31
hi how to registered in QQ speed and also QQ messenger can you help me ?
ubad  - 145678905     | |2011-11-17 18:02:44
Anonymous   | |2009-09-23 08:29:48
HELLO EXCUSE MY ACCOUNT ALREADY HAVE BUT NOT AS Get QQ 2009 in my computer ke agradesco you tell me how can I do???
paul  - hi   | |2009-11-15 19:31:19

how can i know my password?? using qq version 2003..its hard to sign up
huaty  - can't sign up QQ!!   | |2009-11-23 19:14:09
I tried to signup an account for about 20 times.
But once i click accept it says,
" Sorry, operation timed out. "

why is that so.
Thijs  - QQ signup problems     | |2009-11-23 20:28:05
Do you get these timeout problems on the website or while using the QQ client?

Myself, I just got the message "Sorry, operations from this IP are too frequent. Please try again later. " even though I only signed up one time. I'll ask about it tomorrow at work. Thanks for the report!
huaty   | |2009-11-23 20:32:12
I got it from to signup for an account.
TrebleClef   | |2009-12-13 22:08:59
I also got the "operation timed out" problem.
Do you get your QQ account succesfully after all?
I tried signing up at all websites that i can find,
even the tencent Chinese official website( i can read chinese),
But they gave me an " unauthorised access" or sth like that.
Anyone can help?
X.DW  - you can change another url     | |2009-12-16 23:04:36
like this

if you need my help email me at x.dw(
King Tubby   | |2009-12-27 07:46:55
Great qetting the 2009 QQ in Australia. Took about 2 minutes to install. Then I encountered the time out problem, then that disappeared and appear to be in business.

Many Thanks
Harald  - QQ signup problems     | |2010-09-04 18:53:38

I can conform that for a number of days I have tried about 10 times to register and I always get the "Sorry, operations from this IP are too frequent. Please try again later." message. I am the only person using this IP address, and I have tried over multiple different Internet accounts (including mobile phone) without any success.

This almost sounds like QQ installed some kind of reverse proxy in front of their web server, hiding all requests behind a single IP address, forgetting that they have some per-IP rate limiting.

Do you have any idea how to get around the problem?
Thijs  - Email :)     | |2010-09-04 19:04:39
I'll try to register for you with the email address from your comment. For others reading this: try to contact me directly via the 'contact' on the left menu, but no guarantee that I will do it.

I have raised the issue again with the relevant people and they said they will look into it. I personally also suspect there is some rate-limiting per IP going on.
thecool  - help on QQ   | |2009-12-18 20:11:25
would u help me register a QQ account and send the information to my hotmail? as im from singapore and i have tried my ways and means to register yet still having the timeout problem or unauthorize access problem.

thanks inadave
tonino oliva  - ingegnere     | |2009-12-28 23:33:51
come faccio a connettermi con qq sono molto ineperto
Warlord   | |2010-01-01 23:32:22
Anyone can help register qq account for me? Have been receiving "operation timeout". Please help as I tried but failed. My email is can help register my Nick as warlord please
Anonymous   | |2010-01-07 09:03:18
Someone pls register a QQ number for me. My email: 001qez (at) Thanks!
Mouseking  - I need a qq account   | |2010-02-26 20:53:20
I have tried ways & means to register for an account but I always get the timeout or unauthorise access error.

Could somebody help me to register for an account & send the infos to

Thijs  - I can help     | |2010-02-26 20:56:41
I emailed you, I can register for you
yunitalia  - need ur help, thanks!   | |2010-02-28 10:27:38
hei guys, i am facing problems too in trying to have QQ account. my email is can anybody help me? i have tried it since yesterday till this morning, but this words 'Sorry, operations from this IP are too frequent. Please try again later' is keep screaming. many thanks!
Thijs  - Already registered?   | |2010-02-28 11:42:28
Hi Yunitalia, the QQ registration page says that your email address has already been used. It seems one of your attempts must have succeeded?
ellax  - Problem with QQ   | |2010-03-06 09:13:40
Hi.. I'm also facing problems with QQ international also..

Whenever i tried to submit, it will say illegal access..

Can you help me sign up for one too..?

my email address is

Thijs  - done!   | |2010-03-06 12:28:33
Done, hope it works now!
atom1705  - help me to get one qq number   | |2010-03-06 19:58:10
Hi, can anyone help me to get a qq number? my email is I can't register. Alway operation timeout.

Thank you.
Thijs  - done!   | |2010-03-08 00:24:53
Anonymous   | |2010-03-07 23:55:52
hi guys, i am facing problems too in trying to have QQ account been trying & trying. Spent hours and still no luck!

My Email:

Can you put the nickname: borntokill. Can anyone help!!!!
Thijs   | |2010-03-08 00:24:34
Carmen Bee Toe Last Name   | |2010-11-22 14:50:31
hi guys, i am facing problems too in trying to have QQ account been trying & trying. Spent hours and still no luck!

My Email:

Can you put the nickname: Carmen2010. Can anyone help!!!!
Lingy  - Please help me T.T   | |2010-03-09 22:34:47

I'm facing a problem in registering for an account too.
It kept telling me "Operation timed out".
Can someone help me to register and send me the info please?
My email is [:
Thijs  - Done!   | |2010-03-10 10:47:46

it seems there is a problem with QQ registrations from Singapore. Now at least 3 such complaints from people in Singapore. I have forwarded the issue to the relevant people.
Min   | |2010-03-11 16:02:46
Hello! Is it okay for anyone to help me register an qq account too?

And yes it's not possible to register an account from Singapore, or at least that applies to me ):

All help will be so so appreciated!
My email add is:

Do email me if there's any other information needed!
Thank you so so much
Thijs  - done!   | |2010-03-11 18:31:18
Done! Everyone who is in Singapore, it helps if you could contact me (via the contact menu on the left top) and tell me as accurately as possible what the problem is.

I would especially like to know the result of "nslookup".

I also want to know:
- can you open the website (see the registration form)?
- does the problem happen when you load the website, or just when you submit the form?
WenBin   | |2010-04-04 18:51:03
Hi can u help me register a QQ number? thx!
vincent   | |2010-03-16 23:44:24
Hi can u help me register as well plsss

would really appreciate it
Isaacino   | |2012-01-18 10:14:29
Hi can you help me to get an qq account cause I'm from singapore

My email address is

Millions of thanks
chubby   | |2010-03-12 20:34:00

jes79  - hard to register for qq sign up   | |2010-03-15 16:20:03
I had encountered the problem of signing in the qq registration. I tried out so many times but can't sign in....

Pls help me to register if can...

User : jes79
att  - i need help   | |2010-03-19 17:05:09
I encountered problem in signing up a qq account. can help me register an account? my email is:
Mke  - Help please!   | |2010-03-22 09:36:08
Hi I have tried to sign up for QQ but I've also gotten the error message "Sorry, operations from this IP are too frequent. Please try again later." I've checked my email and there is no verification code. I've even checked the spam and junk folder and even requested QQ to resend the email. Yet there is nothing! Could someone help me sign up? I'd like to use my email. It's the one I've been using thus far, if you need a new one email me let me know if I can help. Thanks!
Brian   | |2010-03-23 12:37:35
Hi, I'm also unable to sign up for acct despite numerous attempts. Msg "operation time out or unauthorized access". Are u able to get an acct for me and send to my mail at ?? Thks
MELANIE  - Please help me ):   | |2010-03-26 22:57:11
Hello, I'm also having problems with the QQ registration.
When I summit my reg form, it told me 'Operation Time Out'.
My email is, can you please help me register?
Thank you [:
Melanie   | |2010-04-01 23:51:50
thanks anyway. i have done it myself. ^^
Jimmy  - my QQ account is hijacked   | |2010-04-02 11:49:30
please help me.... i tried logging into my QQ account but it keeps saying its already log in.... i think someone has log into my account... what can i do to retrieve my account.

Thank you
ireland  - Already Signed in ???   | |2011-05-05 19:41:28
I am also getting the already signed in??? I have gone to the url and signed out but when I try to open the messenger QQ the screen is asking for a sign in and I keep gettign same answer. Any help please
lingz923  - help to register   | |2010-04-02 18:24:11
Hi, I have problems registering too.. Can anyone help me in registering? my email is Thanks.
WenBin   | |2010-04-04 18:53:06
hi i have the same problem everyone is facing! can help me register? my email is thx!
Anonymous  - help in registering!   | |2010-04-06 19:22:33
Hi, I am also facing problems with the QQ registration.
I got 'Operation Time Out'when i submit the registration.
My email is, can any kind soul please help me register? nickname: xiaoqiang

Thanks a lot
Ivan   | |2010-04-06 19:23:47
Hi, I am also facing problems with the QQ registration and i am also from singapore.
I got 'Operation Time Out'when i submit the
My email is, can any kind soul please help me register?
nickname: xiaoqiang

Thanks a lot
mohammed anis  - mai     | |2010-04-07 11:02:07
Hi sir I have typed the email no passward hajianis so why do not sign in chat box
Anonymous   | |2010-04-07 15:39:12
Isaacino   | |2012-01-15 20:30:22
How did you get the mobile no. for china?
joyce  - Help pls   | |2010-04-07 22:44:46
Hello, I'm also having problems with the QQ registration.
When I summit my reg form, it said
'Operation Time Out' or illegal access
My email is
can you please help me register?
you [:
mark  - I also cannot sign up QQ account.     | |2010-08-26 09:00:59
I also cannot sign up QQ account.
I am from Singapore.
My friend from China did it for me.
I passed him my email address.
He told me to activate confirmation email.
I received confirmation email.
But I cannot activate my QQ account.

Thank you.
Melanie   | |2010-04-08 10:58:10

you could try to use my method to solve the 'Operation Time Out' or illegal access.

Please TYPE on your browser instead of clicking on the link provided from this site.
And then click on "Don't have a QQ ID? Sign up right now!"
from there you can fill in the form. and press submit.

if you still get the error msg, try to REFRESH the page a few times.

Thijs  - Thanks, but...   | |2010-04-08 13:17:27
Hi Melanie, thanks for the tip, but does it actually help (for people in Singapore)? The link from points to exactly the same registration page as my link (, so I doubt it would help?
sam  - Dear Melanie,   | |2012-01-01 20:39:35
Hello, I'm also having problems with the QQ registration.
idon't know where to find password is it the one i enterd when i signed up
thank you
PC  - Cannot sign up on QQ as well   | |2010-04-15 01:24:16
Am having problem registering as well. I'm from Singapore too. When I summit my reg form, it said 'illegal access'. Try again.
My email is
can someone
please help me register?
Rock  - Help!! Cannot sign up on QQ as well.   | |2010-04-18 19:51:51
Hi, I get "illegal access" and "operation time out" when signing up on QQ as well. I am from Taiwan.

My email:
Can somebody help me register, please?
es  - I can't sign up either   | |2010-04-21 02:01:47
Can someone please help too.

My email address is

Thank you.
joonson   | |2010-05-11 03:37:37
I in China my QQ 394666197 NICE TO MEET YOU
kawai  - HELP   | |2010-05-23 03:45:40
i can't register for an qq account in singapore can someone out there PLEASEE help me...
hallen   | |2010-06-02 13:42:40
Hi, i had installed QQ and registered for an ID. However, whenever I tried to sign in, it would say "operation timed out." can someone help me please?
Nikkie   | |2010-06-08 16:46:24

Is there any chane i can use QQ english for linux ubuntu?? please let me know how to install if i can download english version for linux ubuntu.

thomas   | |2010-07-22 15:41:55
I've deleted my QQ program some time back and now I'd like to re-use it in my Iphone but I've forgotten my qq number and password. Can anybody help me without me having to register a new account
Allen Wilson  - Can't sign in or chat     | |2010-07-17 22:22:14
When I try to sign in it says I am already signed in. But there is no chat box?
Susan  - My ID is Frozen   | |2010-07-20 00:35:03
Hello all, help me...i am confuse right say my QQ id is frozen, when i sign up again using same email address it say cant not...somebody can help me?

Thanks all

jr   | |2010-08-05 23:41:15
im frm singapore oso but i cant set up a qq account. everytime i attempt to and click on the link, it always fails to open the page.... i have tried many times but it doesn seem to work.. can anyone help?
chuck   | |2010-08-22 11:28:18
How very sad. I forgot my qq address and discover UNLIKE every other reasonable social network does not send your password to your email account. So if you forget your password and you don't have a question set - your fried. idiotic.
Eric Lam  - Mr.   | |2010-08-26 19:26:56
I couldnt open my QQ, kindly assist ID 1541655354
duongvn715  - cần 1 qq chat account   | |2010-09-12 20:45:01
i not reg acc qq chat
please who reg for me
and sent information give yahoo: thieulamhiepkhach2000
thank you very much
Desmond  - Account sign up help   | |2010-09-19 09:53:02

Can someone please help me register an account.

My email address is

Thank you.
lilly gan  - Please help me using QQ   | |2011-01-16 08:38:23
I signed up for QQ and I got a QQ number but still getting the msg timeout if someone can help me fix the problem or sign me with another account I really appreciate any help.
hana  - sign up   | |2010-09-18 21:08:56
I am facing a ploblem.
I need help.

I always get the "Sorry, operations from this IP are too frequent. Please try again later." message.

Anyone can help?
Anonymous   | |2010-10-29 04:52:24
how can i add friend if im using mac!..because i add one of my friend and everytime i click add theres nothing happen!..pls tell me how!..tnx
Iffy  - having problems after I log in   | |2010-11-02 06:23:26
everytime I sign into my qq account it freezes up and crashes. I've tried uninstalling it and downloading it again and tried several types of qq but the same thing keeps happening.

Is there anything I should do to make it work properely again?

Please email me at

I really need to find out what's wrong
Peter Lee  - chat do not synch   | |2010-12-03 20:49:12
Anyone found a problem that if you access the messages on the QQ cellphone client, then when you access the PC QQ client, the messages that you viewed on the cell is not available on the PC.
SKype synchs wherever you access it.
Anyone come across this.
James   | |2011-01-04 15:31:47
I have QQ and My Friend has QQ as well. I know my qq ID and I add to my qq's friends list, but it said "your request is denied"
Any body knows how to solve this problem?
Silvia  - Did you find out?     | |2011-11-09 03:44:58
Did you find out the answer to your problem? I have the same problem when I try to add my friends in my buddy list !
David  - Changing of Password   | |2011-01-21 11:51:33
I have great difficulty changing my password to my QQ account. I am able to go to the Change Password Screen but I am unable to key in my Old and New Password from my keyboard. I have tried this on numerous occasions but have been unsuccessful. I change my password regularly to protect my account. Appreciate your Help and if you could call, it will help to expedite to find a solution.

David (+65(96696400))
Debbie  - solution   | |2011-02-09 13:25:56
hi david, you need to disable internet protection mode by double clicking on the little glbe at the bottom of internet explorer browser, then untick 'enable protection mode' close the browser then open again you can then put the characters in to change the password. when finished changing you password remember to enable protection mode again. Hope that helps you as it worked fine for me.
abd   | |2011-01-22 22:51:02
hi who can help me to register in qq
please i don,t know the correct format to sign up
steventhrin  - hi   | |2011-02-08 15:40:42
hi i am always trying my level best to change the qq language in english from chinese as i don't know the chinese so please any one help me to change the language please
Thijs     | |2011-02-08 15:39:47
You should download a (seperate) English version of QQ. You cannot change the language inside the Chinese QQ to English. See
Randy   | |2011-03-04 18:58:02
Hello, I am trying to finish registering my account but it keeps telling my that i timed out check network. Hoping someone could help
vyara   | |2011-03-24 08:12:23
Hi guys, when it says that I am already logged in yet I have no screen open and it doesnt let me to log on or log out again! someone help me please. thanks. Also, out of curiosity, and after reading this messages I am wondering- does anybody actually a good working international QQ?
riddhesh india  - rangwooden handy craft     | |2011-04-25 14:27:03
hi m riddhesh..from india. i am speaking in english. and i want to sign up in QQ . i like to make friend with chinese people and any other country also.please any one help me to creat QQ . iam waiting for your valuable responce>> take care
lifulinghan  - you email   | |2011-05-15 10:47:28
please give me you e-mail ,i send a QQ id foryou
lifulinghan  - give me you e-mail   | |2011-05-15 11:17:45
if you want a qq.please look at
Walter  - Problem with ID QQ International ID   | |2011-11-20 17:52:09
Dear friend ! I have a problem with QQ International ID. If you can please help me.I just downloaded QQ and they want from ID number which I don't have. . Thanks a lot. Walter
fvaderno   | |2011-05-16 19:19:14
I try to find in yahoo the site where I can read and write emails in existing my qq account. I get the result of the site, where I make the download for the qq-messenger.

Yahoo writes to this address the remark: Warning, ”dangerous downloads”
Does anybody knows, is the qq messenger really dangerous? Is qq any trojan or pishing site to get information or access to the many million computers?

Do I need the qq-messenger to read and write emails? I have written some emails to check if these will be sent to my linked (hotmail) account. But there is nothing!
sxs  - sxs   | |2011-05-20 14:24:51
i am a chinese guy too .I can help you get account
!my e-mail is!
Let me be your first Chinese netizens
Jaxon65   | |2011-06-04 17:57:16

I loaded QQ International Version 1.1 for PC (i have a laptop with vista home). I got my log in, it worked for a week then i could not log in again. I uninstalled tht version then tried to load another version form softsonic a couple of times, it would not complete the download, got a flag someting like "not compatible with win37? I then loaded a version which on te shortcut says QQ rather than tencent qq. I used my original log in details and get and now get the "server timed out.." message. I then used the link you recommend "" but i cannot register as my email is already registed. I do not know a lot about this stuff.

Can you help please?

Thanks gerrard email is
xiaobai   | |2011-10-21 11:28:50
I have the same problem as jaxon65, signed up and used imqq fine for 2 days, but when i tried to sign back in it says my account is already signed in. I've uninstalled QQ and installed it again, but the same error message comes up. any help greatly appreciated

Karol  - dont got any answer   | |2011-06-04 19:08:18
Hello. I have a problem. I instaled QQ international, program work well, I can log on without any problem. I find store in taobao, find QQ to seller and when I write to him about some procucts ( in English or Chinese language ) I don't got any respond from him....what is wrong? can someone help me ?
Franco Vaderno  - QQ-messenger is not working   | |2011-06-18 06:55:58
Some time ago I wrote a question here, it wasn't published. I had problems to enter my qq-messenger for weeks, but I had access to my qq-email-box. I did all efforts to find a solution. Almost I got the message I couldn't enter because the server is too busy.

After a long time I found the link to the service of qq. And short time later they answered with the easy advice: Uninstall your qq, load it new(!), and install again. It worked!!!
jim  - help signing in   | |2011-06-23 02:34:02
I have downloaded the QQ program in my vista windows computer. I have gotten the e-mail and the QQ number with it. I have selected a password. I have set my security questions. everytime I go to sign in it does not recognize my password and asks me to reset or pick another one. which I have done. can't sign in. any help is appreciated.
Anonymous  - hello   | |2011-07-22 12:56:39
Hello admin,plzzzz u can suggest me how to i can use qq international chat client for java mobile fone in india????
Kevin  - Mr   | |2011-10-29 10:43:14
I have tryed to use QQ and downloaded many many times . But when I run it it changes the whole computer screen resulations. the screen goes black and all the icons become large
I have only had this problem since the new version come about I used the old version sucessfully for several yrs. Tryed to get help from Tencent but they never replyed
Silvia  - Meed some help!   | |2011-11-09 03:49:26
I try to ADD my friends in my buddy QQ list but I always get the same message: "your request is declined". Why? The ID is correct, I know that for sure!
Gino   | |2011-11-11 19:15:54
I cannot sign in to QQ International 1.1 on my new laptop running Windows 7 and get the message: Server timed out. Please try again. (Error: 0x00000001).
My QQ network settings are No Proxy and Server is No Advanced Options, same as my old laptop. I also cannot sign into the latest Yahoo Messenger (but can sign into an earlier Yahoo Messenger version). MSN and Skype are fine. Can anyone shed some light on my problem please?
daz   | |2011-11-15 07:56:37
I have singed up for qq, got that far ok. i have a mac and have installed suscesfully. my girl came up fpr the weekend and used qq ok to video chat china. she went back to sydney yesterday and i tried to add her as a contact, it keeps saying "failed to add contact, your request is declined" I signed up a new qq account using a different email account, this account does exactly the same thing. can you help?
EDDIE  - HELP ME WITH QQ   | |2011-11-21 17:27:17
I have created a QQ account and have been using it for the past year, recently I have got a virus from the internet. I cannot remember the password that I have created for QQ, because I have so much to do. Can someone please help me with this problem? I have also tried to create another account with QQ with the same email address but QQ will not let me.
Bobby   | |2011-11-28 21:50:11
It seems that I cannot get the activation email to bind my address to QQ, Yes I checked the trash and spam, I get nothing, can someone help setup this account for me? Thanks in advance
Michael Mushlin  - Your operations are too frequent. Please try again   | |2011-12-11 13:25:30
I get this message "Your operations are too frequent. Please try again later." where the IMAGE should be in Firefox and IE when I try to register for QQ.

In Chrome, I see the image of a picture and it looks like it is broken. I cannot see the verification image on any browser.

I have tried more than 10 times.

Please help, Michael
Mike  - How do i change the language on my QQ zone ?   | |2011-12-14 23:40:20
I recently found an option on my iphone qq to upload photo's to my qq zone, i have never used my qq zone before .
Now i want to delete some photo's i uploaded, but the whole site is in Chinese, so i don't know how .. is there a way to change the language on my QQ zone or at least delete the photo's ?
Isabelle  - Can anyone help me register QQ   | |2011-12-27 02:30:58
Can anyone help me register QQ account?? I having having some problem... it says i need to enter a mainland mobile number for verification code.

can someone help pls....

my email address is
Diego Enrique  - hi there...   | |2012-01-01 01:05:29
hello; first of all your page has been really useful to learn the information about the use of QQ.. thanks... today I have a question:
I need to know if I can open or use my QQ id with another software or a web site; I know I can use msn to use my yahoo id and it works, but it doenst works with my QQ id... if you have some information about with what another software I can open my acount you will help me a lot... thanks and I will be waiting for the answer... happy new year and thanks again!!!
Benjamin   | |2012-01-09 09:49:55
Hi Thijs!!

This is Benjamin from Singapore and your site is excellent! It provides lots of information for new users and you're indeed very helpful too! I'm sure lots of people out there are thankful to you for being able to use QQ Messenger with your help.

Anyways, I'm from Singapore and I encounter the problem with the error message of 'Abnormal Activity with Your IP Address' and the site asks me for a china phone number. Is this normal and how can I register for QQ messenger from Singapore?

Thanks a lot in advance!
james   | |2012-01-11 16:18:31
I have the same problem as Benjamin.. Any way to solve this??
Isaacino   | |2012-01-18 10:26:31
Hi THijs,

I'm facing the same problem as Benjamin. Can you please create a qq account for us? My email address is

Thanks a million.
wei shengkoh   | |2012-02-19 18:37:08
same man. I am from singapore. how do singapore sign up with thi mobile verification? ...   | |2012-03-01 20:38:08
no need phone number
zaw zaw  - cant sing up   | |2012-01-10 07:24:38
help me to sing up QQ account. i have to do a lot ot time but till now cant get, and also ask me about china number i dont have about this. HELP
Isaacino   | |2012-01-15 20:33:17
Hi can anyone help me to signup an account using'm from Singapore. Thanks
tman27   | |2012-01-28 09:26:23
i lost my imqq password and i don't think i set a security question. i have two very important contacts in my profile. can some one give me a solution at least help me to get the id numbers of those contacts.
i dont know the id's because those two help me create this account when the were here .now they are gone back to china ,i don't have any other way to contact them. my ID 1613487864 Nick name: tman27
Wayne  - Not binding email   | |2012-02-06 20:44:52

I signed up for QQ on the international site from Toronto, Canada.

I got the reply email to bind, I always get the "Sorry, operations from this IP are too frequent. Please try again 24 hours."

Please help me get a QQ number with my email

raj   | |2012-02-16 19:51:57
My qq id has been banned..could somebody tell me what should i do now???thanks
RAF   | |2012-02-22 07:56:47
i am facing problems too in trying to have QQ account been trying & trying. Spent hours and still NO!

My Email:

Can you put the nickname: RAF

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