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From Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen

When you arrive at Hong Kong Airport, there are several options to reach your final destination in Shenzhen. There is quite a lot of information available via the website of the HK Airport, but for exact information you still need to visit some Chinese websites. This guide will provide you with all information you need to easily make it across the border :)


Q: Ferry or Bus?

A: In general I suggest taking the bus:

The ferry sails from 09:00 to 21:20 (English link ). Tickets cost about 260RMB one way for adults (prices ). The ferry goes to Shekou. If that's your final destination (or the greater Nanshan area), it's a good option to take the boat. If you want to go to Futian or Luohu, then you still need to take a bus or taxi from Shekou. The subway line starting from the ferry pier is not yet finished.

There are several bus operators, tickets range from 100-160RMB one way for adults. You can take busses to the border (Huanggang), or into Shenzhen to various major hotels. More details about busses below.

My advice: if you need to go to Shekou, just take the boat. If you go elsewhere - or just want to save some money - just take the bus.


Q: How to take the bus?

A: The HKIA website has quite a good overview (tip: pdf with practical information ).

At Hong Kong International Airport, there are three coach operators providing mainland China coach service. Their ticketing counters are located at the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 1(facing Exit A) and the Coach Station in Terminal 2. Passengers can relax at the Mainland Coach Lounge before boarding.

  • Service hours : 7am to 11pm
  • Frequency : Every 10 minutes during peak hours
  • Destinations : Major PRD cities such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan, Huizhou and Nanning at Guangxi.

The three bus operators are:

All three bus operators go to Shenzhen.






Q: Where to buy bus tickets?

A: The ticketing counters are located at the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 1 (A08-A10) (facing Exit A) and the Coach Station in Terminal 2 (C15-C17). (see more details below)

Here you can buy bus tickets from either of the bus operators. After you bought tickets, you go to the Coach Station in Terminal 2 where you can board your bus.


Bus schedules and prices:

CTS bus to Shenzhen (english)

  • Destination: Huanggang Border (use this to visit me in Futian), Shenzhen BaoAn Airport, Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel and other ShenZhen Hotels
  • Departure time: 07:05 / 08:05 / 09:05 / 10:05 / 11:05 / 12:05 / 13:05 / 14:05 / 15:05 / 16:05 / 17:05 / 18:05 / 19:05 / 20:05 / 21:05 / 22:0
  • Ticket counter: A04, A09, C05 (or C16?)
  • Price tickets: 100HK$ northbound (but the first 2 and last 3 busses are more expensive: 150HK$) and 130HK$ southbound.

Trans Island to Shenzhen (chinese)

  • Destination: Huanggang Border  
  • Departure time: 09:45 / 10:30 / 11:15 / 11:45 / 12:15 / 12:45 / 13:15  / 13:45 / 14:30 / 15:15 / 15:45 / 16:15 / 16:45 / 17:30 / 18:15 / 19:00 / 19:45 / 20:50 / *21:50
  • Ticket counter: A10, C15
  • Price tickets: 100HK$ to HuangGang, 130-150HK$ for destinations inside Shenzhen


Q: How to go from Shenzhen (HuangGang) back to Hong Kong airport?  (update 10th october 2009)

A: We took the taxi to HuangGang custom in the morning around 06:15 and planned to walk across the footbridge to the custom and then take the 07:15 bus to HK airport, but it turned out that before you walk up the footbridge, you can already buy tickets for taxis to Hong Kong airport. The price is 150RMB per person and you have to wait a little while till the car is full. I think my parents waited in total only about 5 minutes, during which time they filled out the papers for the custom. The cars are registered in HK (so the driver sits on the right side) and can contain about 6 people. You can buy an official ticket in a small kiosk and the price is fixed. They said you don't need to get off the car anymore at the border, so that's very convenient. The taxi takes about 1 hour from Huanggang to HK airport.


Q: Are there any other options of reaching Shenzhen, besides Hong Kong?

Yes! Although most people use HKIA, you can also fly either to Shenzhen Airport or to Guangzhou Airport. Shenzhen airport is mainly used for flights to other Chinese cities, but there are a few other destinations outside China. Guangzhou has many more options though and you can often buy international tickets to Guangzhou. When you fly from Amsterdam to Guangzhou, the airplane will make a stop in Beijing. I believe most flights will do a stop-over in Beijing or Shanghai. For HKIA you can find more direct flights. If you are on a budget, it might be an option to try to find a cheap ticket to Beijing or Shanghai for example, and then use a cheap domestic flight to Shenzhen. You can find domestic tickets on these English websites:


Q: My flight arrives very late in Hong Kong, what should I do?

If your flight arrives before 21h Hong Kong time, you probably can still take a bus back to Shenzhen. If you arrive later though, you have a couple of options:

  1. try to take a local Hong Kong taxi to Huang Gang border (open 24h/day)
  2. stay in a hotel near the airport and the next morning take an airport bus to Shenzhen. Hotels near the airport are not cheap though
  3. hang around in the airport till 7 in the morning and take the first bus to Shenzhen

Q: My flight departs very early from Hong Kong, what should I do?

My parents once had a very early flight (I believe around 06:30). This is before the airport taxies at the HuangGang border start to work. So we rented a private car for them and they picked my parents up at our appartment and then dropped them off at the airport. It was a bit more expensive (700 RMB for 2 persons).

HuangGang practical advice:

The border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in Futian district is called "HuangGang" in HongKong they might call it 關口 (border, traditional Chinese) or 皇崗口岸 . They will probably always understand when you say HuangGang (remember that H sounds a bit like in Spanish, like a soft G sound). When you get off at HuangGang border (from HK to Shenzhen), you need to pass custom and then walk over a footbridge over the road. On the other side of the footbridge, you can walk down left and take a taxi. If you go from Shenzhen to HK, you can walk up the footbridge, or just take a taxi as explained above.


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Henrique   | |2009-09-25 14:18:56
Cheapest way to get from Futian or Luohu to the airport or vice versa is bus A43 from Sheung Shui the first MTR stop.. only takes 45 minutes and 29 HKD + 18 HKD for the MTR
tony   | |2012-01-18 00:02:23
Wow! that is indeed the cheapest from Shenzhen to HKIA. I will try it out this week.
Thanks for the sharing.
Mr. Derek   | |2011-01-26 22:06:17
Thank you , very helpful, much appreciated.
SChin  - Trasnport from HKIA to Days Hotel Luohu Shenzhen   | |2011-02-16 14:15:34
What's the best way (as well as the cheapeast way) to get from HKIA to my hotel in Shenzhen (Days Hotel Luohu Shenzhen)? Someone told me to take Go Go Bus, some advise me to take bus & train. I'll be travelling with children & there are 12 of us (6 adults + 6 children). Please tell me how much is the cost. TQ
ely   | |2011-09-19 11:47:24
hi.. i need help. i will travel to Shenzhen from Hong Kong. Maybe i will take train form Kowloon Hong Kong. From the map that i've viewed, i will hope off from the train at LoWu HK. So please advise me the best way to get to Days In Hotel Shenzhen. Wether by train or by taxi. and how long it will takes to the hotel from Luohu Shenzhen border of LoWu HK?


Xiang  - Ms.   | |2011-10-22 03:09:14
It is great helpful for us. Thank you very much
Mike  - HKIA to Shenzhen(Shangrila Hotel)   | |2012-03-04 16:06:05
I will be arriving HKIA about 2100hrs with the kids.
Which is a better way to go Shangri La Shenzen?
Thijs   | |2012-03-04 16:10:38
If you are not delayed, you can probably just make the bus. But it would be quite tight especially with kids! I do believe there is also a luxury car service that drives to China. Not sure if they pass the border nowadays and can drive all the way to your hotel. Perhaps best is to sleep in HK near the airport for one day (nice you dont have to worry and travel further) or ask ShangriLa hotel in Shenzhen if they can offer any advice. They must deal with this situation before.

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